Directory Pictures

It’s time to create a new church directory! Pictures will be taken by Lifetouch on Friday, May 12th, and Saturday, May 13th. Appointments can be scheduled on-line throughout the week or in the back of the church on Sunday mornings. To schedule on-line, please go to:
and follow the instructions provided. (Please note, on-line scheduling will not be available from 5 p.m.on Saturdays until 7 a.m. on Mondays.) For up to six people being photographed, one time slot is needed. For seven or more, two time slots are needed. We hope you will have your picture taken so it can be included in the new directory! All those in our church family – members and friends alike – are encouraged to participate! Those having their picture taken will have the opportunity to purchase copies of the portraits, but are under no obligation to do so. Further details about the portrait sessions will be included in this Sunday’s printed News Notes, or can be emailed upon request.


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