The First United Methodist Church of Bluffton has been a worshipping community for over 180 years.  The first Methodist Episcopal Church in Bluffton was established in 1834 in the home of Budd and Phoebe Gaskill.  According to the 1885 Allen County History, this was the place where “the pioneer Methodists found a home, church, and congregation.”  Phoebe was said to “sing like a bird” and passed away in 1861 at the age of 42.  Budd lived for 29 more years before his death in 1890 at the age of 77.

Building Progression

After obtaining land, the first Methodist Episcopal Church structure was built in 1850.  The town of Shannon grew and was renamed Bluffton in 1872-73.  Most of the town’s business moved farther southwest, so the church followed and erected their second building on the corner of Church and North Jackson Streets.  41 years later, it was torn down to accommodate our current structure, which was dedicated in October of 1916.