Leadership Team

Bluffton First United Methodist Church is led by a team of twelve people who oversee the operations and mission of our church. This team combines multiple committees, including the Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee (S/PPRC), Trustees Committee, Finance Committee, and Administrative Council. Our goal is to empower the laity to carry out the ministry of the local church while providing direction, encouragement, and guidelines. We meet every month to discuss how our church is carrying out our mission in the local community. Members serve for three years before transitioning into other areas of ministry.

Current leadership team members are listed below with the year through which they will serve:

Gloria Herr – Leadership Team Chair (2022)
Ryan Dunlap – Lay Leader (2021)
Heidi Gesler – S/PPRC (2021)
Jane Wood – S/PPRC (2024)
Doug Gesler – Trustees (2022)
Tyler Bricker – Trustees (2022)
Wayne McGaugh – Finance (Treasurer)
*Needed – Finance (2021)
Joyce Harris – At-Large (2024)
Dawn Jones – At-Large (2021)
Lauren Rhodes – At-Large (Youth) (2021)
Bob Clinger – Pastor