Why Follow Jesus? Part 3: HUMANITY

In the beginning was God who created the universe was we know it.  After creating the world and all of life within it, God created humanity in His image.  They were beautiful at first, but quickly became broken.  This sermon series is based off of the book “The Story of Reality” by Gregory Koukl.

Why Follow Jesus? Part 1: REALITY

With all of the different religions and worldviews, why is Christianity the right one? This series is based on the book “The Story of Reality” by Gregory Koukl.  This sermon examines how we develop our understanding of the world and how we see the big picture of reality.

The Origin of the Tithe

There is a common debate among Christians that revolves around the concept of giving.  Do we follow the command to tithe contained within the Mosaic Law?  Or are we freed from the law and simply called to be cheerful givers?  This sermon attempts to walk through various passages that discuss the concept of tithing and giving.